Online ISItA Conferences

Since 2021, the Italian Institute of Anthropology annually organizes online conferences (in Italian) on topics of interdisciplinary interest aimed at a non-specialized audience. The meetings will be available free of charge through an online platform, also in the form of video recording.

In the current year, four conferences are planned on the theme "Dialogues on cultures, behaviors and ethics 150 years after The descent of man by Charles Darwin".

31 may

Evoluzione dell'altruismo

Telmo Pievani, Università di Padova

16 july (provisional schedule)

Mente estesa

Emiliano Bruner, Cenieh, Burgos, Spagna

24 september (provisional schedule)

Etica ed evoluzionismo: biologia e filosofia del senso morale

Eleonora Severini, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germania

26 november (provisional schedule)

Darwin continuista, i non umani e l’antropologia culturale

Stefano Allovio, Università Statale di Milano

Evoluzione dell'altruismo

Telmo Pievani, Università di Padova

31 maggio, 17:30

video available at the link

The animal world offers us many examples of altruism, even in species that are evolutionarily distant from ours. This spread of altruistic behaviors may seem like a paradox, as natural selection favors traits that allow their carriers to survive and reproduce. How can altruistic behaviors override self-interest?

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